Product Name Description Recommended Dilution Area of Application
TGP10 Industrial Liquid Soap 50 – 100 ml in 1 ltr. of water Industrial applications like Soot stains, Oil & Grease marks etc.
TES11 ESD Floor Cleaner 50 – 60 ml in 1 ltr. of water All type of ESD, Vinyl and Rubber Floorings.
THP12 Herbal Phenyle Direct application An excellent alternative to conventional Phenyl with herbal cleaning properties, for optimum satisfaction and pleasant odour.
TDP13 Dishwash Powder Direct application For usage that require traditional cleaning methods with medium application.
TDL14 Dishwash Liquid 10 – 20 ml in 100 ml of water An all round cleaner proven for high Volume cleaning and Industrial applications.
TDG15 Oven Cleaner / Degreaser Direct application Removing carbonaceous deposits from Ovens, Grills, Hot plates, Filters, Hoods, Fryers, Bakery trays etc.
TFS16 QAC Base Liquid Cleaner, Sanitizer for Food Processing Units 2% Solution with water Cleaning & Sanitation of S.S. Pipes, CIP Cleaning, Equipments and other such hard surfaces.
TDS17 Descaler 8 – 10% solution with water Self indicating scale remover for Transfer pipe boilers and other affected equipments.
TSS18 Stainless Steel Polish Direct application High potent anti static Stainless Steel polish.
TSR19 Stain Remover Direct application For all type of Floors – Marble, Granites, Tiles, Glass etc.